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Security Audits

SGS security audits such as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and Transported Asset Protection Association Freight Security Requirements (TAPA FSR) improve supply chain security.

Audits against the requirements of the CTPAT and TAPA FSR standards also help you meet delivery deadlines. In addition, SGS performs audits against the security requirements outlined within ISO 28000.


Since 2001, US Government Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has heightened the security measures on cargo crossing the US borders, resulting in delayed wait times at customs. SGS CTPAT audit services can help you get into the preferred category of CBP. This means having fewer inspections on shipments, front of line inspections and shorter wait times at the border. Reduction in customs delays results in faster time to market and hence better profits for you.

Our seasoned auditors thoroughly assess your organization's security processes, identify security vulnerabilities, and establish corrective actions and improvement plans to address areas of concern. Periodic security auditing means that we continuously monitor your CTPAT compliance and prepare you for onsite CBP evaluations.

We can also evaluate the compliance of the security systems and procedures of your prospective or contracted third party suppliers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and other service providers.


If your business stores high-value goods (e.g. electronics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco) in warehouses and distribution centers, compliance with TAPA FSR can help you safeguard those assets and premises - plus your transportation providers.

Approved by TAPA, SGS performs certification assessments on factors such as access control, employee checks, perimeter security, intruder security devices, monitoring systems, high-value storage areas and transit delays.

To ensure your compliance with national and international requirements, and improve supply chain security, contact SGS about our CTPAT and TAPA FSR audits.

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