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Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS) Certification

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is an international initiative in which soy producers, merchants and processors work together with banks and social organizations to ensure the worldwide sustainable cultivation of soy and the social responsibility of the soy sector.

Your Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) certification demonstrates to your stakeholders and customers your acceptance of the RTRS standard.

The RTRS standard is approved by the European Commission to meet the requirements of the European Renewable Energy Directive. SGS has been a trusted leader in the certification of agricultural products since 1878. We have earned a reputation for comprehensive, transparent audits verifying compliance to a wide range of standards. When you partner with us for your RTRS certification, you benefit from our broad multi-disciplinary experience which includes expertise in all of the components of an RTRS audit.

During the RTRS certification process, our accredited auditors ensure that your policies, processes and documentation align with the standards of the Round Table on Responsible Soy. These standards include components on:

  • Employees’ rights 
  • Land rights 
  • Respect for small-scale and traditional land use 
  • Well-being of local population 
  • Protection of biodiversity 
  • Water use 
  • Soil fertility 
  • Use of pesticides 
  • Impact on infrastructure

The Round Table on Responsible Soy reflects the changing expectations of your stakeholders and customers. Contact SGS to learn how you can gain a competitive advantage through RTRS Certification.

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