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Road Safety Management

When transporting dangerous goods by road, you need to be sure that your contracted hauliers are providing a safe and reliable service.

SGS conducts comprehensive road safety management monitoring inspections to give you the peace of mind you need – wherever your operations are.

What our Road Safety Inspections Cover

Our road safety inspectors offer a wide range of services to support, monitor and validate the safety of your road transportation, including comprehensive checks on drivers, vehicles and safety processes. Compliance, liability and the control of subcontractors are all significant issues in today’s world of outsourcing and brand protection.

Our inspectors will:

  • Ensure the safe running of all vehicles through thorough, systematic maintenance checks
  • Monitor on-the-road performance of drivers through both dynamic and static on-the-spot inspections
  • Conduct regular checks on drivers for alcohol consumption and adherence to speed restrictions
  • Analyze VDR data to ensure that continuous drive time and driving habits are within the required limits 
  • Monitor route information through physical assessment and analysis of GPS data
  • Gather and disseminate up-to-date information on road and weather conditions and potential hazards for the areas concerned
  • Work with clients to embed among your own staff and subcontractors a single aligned organizational safety culture through training programs
  • Reinforce compliance with health and safety requirements through regular auditing of safety management processes

How our Road Safety Management Teams Work

Each road safety management team consists of, as a minimum, one dedicated driver accompanied by a qualified road safety surveyor. We can supply working day or round-the-clock inspection service as required, with reports delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All reports are supplied with either photographic or video evidence to support our findings.

Risk management and vendor compliance are key activities for anyone in the oil and gas business today. Report after report on incidents has cited poor oversight and monitoring of vendor systems and staff as root causes of accidents. It is essential that you:

  • Know your subcontractors
  • Know how well they are complying with your contract and your own instructions
  • Know where hazards are being ignored or generated by non-compliant behavior
  • Know if your brand is being protected or degraded
  • Know if you need to take action

Find out more about how SGS can help ensure the safety of your road transportation operations.

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