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Raw Materials Inspection

A key priority for SGS is helping our clients to maintain product integrity by reducing risks in the production chain as early as possible.

Our raw material inspections are a vital step in that process, helping to ensure that your supplier is meeting your specifications and giving you insight into the nature of your raw materials’:

  • Identity
  • Safety 
  • Suitability for your product

Ultimately, our aim is to give you confidence that you are producing a safe, high quality product that meets the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies.

A vast range of industries use raw materials testing at the start of the production process. These include, but are not limited to, consumer goods and retail, health and wellbeing, food and agriculture, and automotive businesses. Not only do SGS inspections help ensure that your final product is of the best quality, they also enable you to highlight and mitigate problems before they become costly – financially and in terms of your business’s reputation.

With an international network of laboratories staffed by world-class experts in raw material testing, we are equipped to create a program of tests for raw material inspection and raw material identification that can cover chemical, microbiological, mechanical and physical properties testing. Programs are based on your particular needs and are shaped to help you meet local regulatory requirements for your intended market.

The various forms of raw material analysis we conduct are flexible enough to be used as one-off services to inform product or ingredient development or to form part of a broader program of inspections throughout the production chain.

When you work with SGS, you benefit from over a century’s experience of providing inspections with integrity and to the highest standards. You also gain from the lessons we have learned from carrying out raw materials inspections for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Our expert consultants will be able to advise you on the specific benefits on offer to your organization through SGS raw materials inspections.

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