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Pumping and Tracing Tests

SGS gathers field information using a variety of aquifer pumping tests and tracing tests to map your groundwater. Enlist our hydrogeology team today to provide you with a clear picture of how to optimize your water resources.

To protect your water resources for a sustainable future you need to know as much as possible about the existing water source, its storage capacity and drainage systems. Our range of tests allows us to monitor streams and springs, measure storage capacity, and plan suitable drainage systems.

This means you can optimize the location of wells and evaluate whether your water resources are adequate to support your plans. Pumping tests allow us to gather information about the local permeability of an aquifer.  Tracing tests provide information on porosity of soil and dispersion of liquids into it. And slug tests can quickly estimate the site properties around a well.

Accurate data is key to achieving the right results for your project. We use the latest technologies in groundwater modeling to map the extension of the water reservoir, and of its alimentation zone and the type and depth of flow. Test results are analyzed by our network of acquifer characterization experts. Our reports can be used to support planning permissions and water withdrawal applications.

Water is one of your most precious commodities. Call our team today to maximize your water resources.

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