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Production Forecasting

Accurate production forecasting allows you to predict, plan and optimize throughput and recovery in your plant.

In the longer term, the knowledge and experience that you gain using SGS forecasting applications allows you to manage your throughput and ensure your flowsheet is fine tuned to respond to variability in your ore. Using our proven testing approach, you can plan for changes in equipment, final product quality or recovery on a half year by half-year basis. Proven to be accurate and precise in some of the biggest porphyry copper and iron ore mines in the world, SGS’s production forecasting techniques provide the information that you need to make informed decisions about mine planning and scheduling, cost control, energy and other factors that control your bottom line.

SGS global teams of process development experts understand the controls to grindability and thus throughput. We provide you with reliable answers to the following questions:

  • What production rates can we obtain?
  • How can our production or processing be altered to optimize throughput or recovery rates?
  • What production challenges may we encounter? 
  • How can we prepare for these challenges to minimize interruptions in production?

SGS production forecasting can begin during start-up, or at any time during production. We offer a full suite of training and technical deliverables, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your particular application. 

Many of our international clients choose a five-year contract, which includes a cycle of training, supervision and increased self-reliance during the later years of the contract. This option provides on-going support during the initial years and ensures that you are self-sufficient by the end.

SGS is a world leader in process development and production forecasting, and we have decades of experience in a broad range of commodities. Leverage our market-leading knowledge and skill to make well-informed decisions about your operations.

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