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Product Characterization

Understanding the mechanical and electrical properties of E and E (electrical and electronic) products is key to determining the quality of your goods and judging the effect of environmental stresses and aging on them.

At SGS we perform product characterization tests to determine the electrical, acoustic and mechanical properties of material components.

Product characteristics tested by our Reliability Labs:

  • Mechanical Properties 
  • Electrical Properties
  • Acoustic Noise and Thermal Profile Measurements

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical forces are an important characteristic for connectors and press fits. We test insertion and extraction/withdrawal forces for items such as contact pins and press fits, the mating and unmating forces of connectors and the retention forces of the same.

Electrical Properties

Electrical properties are an important characteristic for many products. Our reliability labs can test for contact resistance, dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, capacitance and inductance, and PCB surface insulation resistance.

Acoustic Noise and Thermal Profile Measurements

Knowing the exact amount of heat a device is producing can help improve overall energy consumption. This allows you to improve the competitiveness of your products. In the same way, clear information on acoustic performance can give you the edge over competitors.

We can provide the following tests:

  • Acoustic Noise Measurement – including pressure and power tests 
  • Thermal Profile Measurement – Systems and Components, including: thermal performance for IT products, heat pipe thermal performance and temperature rise/gradient

Our extensive resources and knowledge of the industry allow us to provide you with comprehensive and reliable services.  Contact your local SGS office for advice and expertise on product characterization testing.

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