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Pressure Oxidation

Pressure oxidation (POX), high pressure oxidation (HiPOX) and ACTIVOX autoclave leaching are viable industry-standard technologies used to recover gold and other accessory metals.

The process is particularly well suited for treating refractory gold ores, which give low recovery when directly leached with cyanide.

SGS is a world leader in batch and pilot plant testing and flowsheet development for pressure oxidation processing. We have the expertise and equipment inventory to test your ore in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our autoclave section is designed to give accurate mass and heat balances. It is also extremely versatile with respect to monitoring key parameters including temperature, retention time, sulfur fugacity and oxygen flow. Data collected during this testing is logged by process control systems, and can be reviewed and assessed by the project team. The result is accurate and independent bankable flowsheets.
SGS provides a range of POX testing solutions. Our team of chemists, engineers and metallurgists work with you to develop the process flowsheet best suited to your ore and eventual full-scale facility. 

Pressure oxidation technology is robust and versatile. SGS provides a range of pressure leaching options including:

  • Conventional pressure oxidation operates at temperatures exceeding 200ºC with overpressures of 2,200 kPa or more. Reaction rates are very fast. This technology is well accepted

  • Activox is a form of pressure oxidation which operates at lower temperature and pressure; e.g. 95 – 100ºC and 1,000 kPa. The milder operating conditions simplify the engineering requirements. This reduces cost, yet maintains the advantages of pressure oxidation. The process combines fine milling (using a suitable power-efficient stirred mill) with low temperature pressure oxidation. SGS has successfully applied the ACTIVOX treatment to the leaching of chalcopyrite concentrates 

  • Mild temperature acid leaching is a form of pressure oxidation which operates at milder conditions of temperature and pressure: 95 – 100ºC and 1000 kPa 

POX, HiPOX and ACTIVOX are just three of many hydrometallurgical processes SGS provides. We have decades of experience to support your project requirements. Contact SGS early in your project planning stage and we will work with you from scoping to prefeasibility and feasibility to full operation to optimize your gold flowsheet development and reduce your technical risk.

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