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Plate Loading Tests

SGS can carry out an on-site plate loading test for soil that will ensure you implement the right design solution for a safe and solid construction plan. Call our expert team today.

Quick and easy to apply, the plate loading test checks the bearing capacity and settlement of foundation soil and substrate. It is used to ensure safe design and quality control.

The test applies a vertical load to a variety of specialist, steel bearing plates, measuring the penetration to determine the degree of compaction of back-fill, under-foundation or foundation soil, sand or stone.

Because it can be applied to thin soil layers, the test is mainly used in the construction of roads, airstrips and embankments or in the calculation of floor slabs.

The vertical load on the plate is applied using a hydraulic jack and counterweight. The resulting surface deflection or penetration of the plate is read after stabilization at three points spread over 120 degrees from a fixed frame. The average deflection is calculated and this allows the determination of the compression modulus or the modulus of subgrade reaction and spring constant.

The plate loading test can be used in conjunction with our other geotechnical tests to gain an accurate picture of your soil properties. Call us today and let our experienced team determine the properties of your site and ensure a successful outcome for your next project.

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