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PANDA Type Tests

Give your construction project a headstart to success with an initial Panda soil test from SGS. Call our environmental testing team today to find out how the popular Panda soil test can help determine your site stability.

The Panda is a light dynamic sounding penetrometer with variable impact energy. The Panda test provides an initial geotechnical study, determines lithology, foundation pressures and provides you with the best foundation advice for your project.

The Panda test works to a depth of five meters, hammering metallic rods with a lost cone tip into your soil. An electronic data device records all the information and immediately calculates the dynamic resistance of the cone (qd) based on a Dutch formula. For each blow, the depth and the impact velocity of the hammer is automatically registered. This allows us to calculate the impact energy for each blow.

Several studies have shown that the Panda measurements are as accurate and reliable as the cone penetration test (CPT). The benefit is that the Panda equipment can be used where the CPT vehicles are not suitable.

Thanks to its compact size and light weight (only 25 kilograms), the Panda sounding device is extremely mobile and able to investigate areas with limited access or height restrictions. For example, it can be used in basements, on very steep slopes, in back yards and tunnels.

We have solutions to suit your soil type. For a solid foundation for your building project, call our team today.

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