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Non-GMO Certification

Audit the non-GMO supply chain with SGS and verify the quality management systems in place from the seed to the marketplace.

Selling food and/or feed that is non-genetically modified (non-GMO) places the burden of proof on the supply chain. Our Non-GMO Supply Chain Standard helps organizations, irrespective of type or size, to supply verifiably non-GMO product. The scope of certification can extend from a single actor in the supply chain, a few or even the whole production process.

What does the certification standard cover?

From the seed, through the growing process and harvest, transportation, collection, storing and processing to the market channel, we offer independent certification of quality management systems. Certification also includes primary packaging and the verification of legal requirements relating to the labeling and traceability of GMOs.

Based on EU regulations concerning non-GMO, including Directive 2001/18/EC and regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, our standard can be applied globally to all processes in the supply chain:

  • Seed supply
  • Farming
  • Trading
  • Processing

As well as services to the supply chain:

  • Storage
  • Transport
  • Sampling and analysis

Operators achieving certification will be subject to annual surveillance audits to ensure that compliance is maintained.

NON-GMO Supply Chain Standard certification does not replace compliance with national and international regulations.

Version 5.0 of our standard includes a new annex with voluntary additional requirements, to address market demand and consumer interest. This annex enables operators to go beyond existing labeling legislation and to certify the full non-GMO production process, including, but not limited to:

  • Products originating from animals fed non-GMO feed
  • All processing aids, enzymes, microorganisms, used in production processes, that need to be of non-GMO status

In addition to our NON-GMO Supply Chain Standard certification services we also offer certification for the Non Amazon Biome Supply Chain.

Non Amazon Biome Supply Chain Certification

In 2006, to address issues around deforestation in the Amazon biome a number of organizations agreed not to trade soybeans produced within the Brazilian Amazon Biome. Our Non Amazon Biome Supply Chain Certification makes sure soybeans are sourced in the Non Amazon Biome area. Organizations trading in soybeans of Brazilian origin can now verify their legitimacy.

This certification does not replace compliance with national and international regulations.

Certify non-GMO products with SGS. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business.

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