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Multi-element ICP Packages

SGS’s multi-element packages can provide chemical analysis at the ultra-trace and trace levels to percent levels.

Depending on your purpose, sample type and your quality requirements, we have a number of methods and packages available.

Once your needs are determined, the sample digestion (acid attack or fusion) and the appropriate ICP finish can be selected. Our laboratories have a variety of protocols and ICP-AES and ICP-MS equipment to provide you with data that is truly fit-for-purpose.

SGS experts will partner with you to understand your detection limit and element requirements and help you to select the sample digestion and instrument finish that is best suited for your needs. We offer the following multi-element analysis packages:

Two-Acid Digest / Aqua Regia Digest

  • ICP12B, ICP-AES finish
  • ICP14B, ICP-AES finish
  • IMS12B, ICP-MS finish
  • IMS14B, ICP-MS finish
  • ICM12B, ICP-AES and ICP-MS finish
  • ICM14B, ICP-AES and ICP-MS finish

Multi-Acid (4 Acid) Digestions

  • ICP40B, ICP-AES finish
  • ICM40B, ICP-AES and ICP-MS finish


  • ICM90A, ICP-AES finish
  • ICP95A, ICP-AES finish (lithologic package)

SGS has the equipment and expertise to provide you with fit-for-purpose, reliable multi-element analysis from our global network of laboratories.

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