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Moisture, LOI and Water

Many inorganic, naturally occurring materials have volatile components or moisture within their crystalline structure. 

SGS uses a variety of tests, including loss on ignition (LOI) and thermogravimetric analysis, to provide reliable, globally recognized qualitative and quantitative analyses of the crystalline water and volatile components in your samples.

State-of-the-art SGS laboratories around the world conduct a number of accurate, independent chemical analyses for moisture content and volatiles including:

Loss on Ignition (LOI) testing

Loss on ignition represents the mass of moisture and volatile material present in a sample. The volatile materials lost usually consist of 'combined water' and carbon dioxide from carbonates. Results of this important test are a component of the whole rock analysis of a mineral. During an LOI test, SGS technical experts heat the sample at a specific temperature, collecting and measuring the moisture and volatiles that are released. The test continues until the mass of the sample ceases to change.


Results of an SGS thermogravimetry, or thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA), define the LOI in your samples. During this analysis the change in mass of the samples is continuously monitored as temperature is increased. Thermogravimetric tests conducted in SGS laboratories provide reliable test results based on accurate measurements of weight, temperature and temperature change. We conduct this test to determine a number of parameters including:

  • Degradation temperature 
  • Absorbed moisture content 
  • Levels of organic and inorganic compounds
  • Decomposition points
  • Solvent residues
  • Corrosion kinetics
  • LOI

SGS uses an infrared detector to precisely identify gases following TGA when you require more definitive results.

SGS provides a full range of chemical analyses to accurately determine the moisture content in your materials. Our technical excellence and experienced staff ensure trustworthy test results. We provide you with the impartial and independent data about the quality and composition of your sample that you need to make the best decisions to grow your operation.

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