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Material Testing

When it comes to reducing risk in the production process – and ultimately meeting the expectations of your customers – SGS material testing services are a vital tool.

With a focus on safety, quality and durability, they assess whether you are using the right materials for a product that will perform well in today’s competitive markets. They also assess the compatibility of the various materials that comprise your product.

Our international network of experts use cutting-edge technology and methodologies to conduct a range of tests on materials for clients across many industries, including home furnishing, sport and leisure, stationery and office supplies, electrical appliances, and automotive.

Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to material testing, we base our approach on your particular needs. However, our services are wide-ranging enough to meet the testing needs of diverse products, from fabric flammability testing for clothing manufacturers to chemical analysis and physical properties for all types of materials.

Services span the full range of chemical, performance, mechanical and physical properties testing, including:

  • Materials identification, characterization, and structural analysis
  • Materials performance
  • Raw material properties
  • Environmental and durability testing
  • Flammability testing
  • Microscopic analysis

The exact tests we conduct for you will depend on your industry and product. For example, we conduct a range of tests for the automotive industry to examine materials used in the interior and exterior of vehicles.

Our material testing services can be applied at any stage of the production process, but our emphasis is always to reduce risk as early as possible. Testing your raw materials can catch problems earlier on so that you do not have to deal with expensive tool changes and/or product recalls later in the production chain when finished products fail to meet regulatory requirements.

SGS consultants at a materials testing laboratory near you will be able to advise on how your company can achieve the best from material testing, whether you are looking to contract full-time testing support or occasional services during busy periods. 

SGS is respected internationally as a provider of testing services. Our material tests can give you the peace of mind that you are using the right combination of materials, so that you can progress your product to market with minimum risk and proof of its durability, quality, and safety.

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