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ISCC Certification

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) from SGS – providing you with an international, practical and transparent system for the certification of biomass and bioenergy.

Producing energy and fuel from biomass is one new approach to securing the worldwide supply of energy and fuel for the future. To address this new market, the EU has created mandatory parameters for all EU member countries for the sustainable production and processing of biomass in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) (EU-RL 2009/28/EC). ISCC is an advanced program and the first recognized biomass and bioenegy certification scheme.

A global scheme, the ISCC concept has been thoroughly developed, tested in a pilot phase and proofed by European and German authorities. It is experience based, efficient and effective and also covers social sustainability issues.

Applicable to all biomass ISCC helps organizations to demonstrate responsibility towards:

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG)
  • Sustainable land use
  • Protection of natural biospheres
  • Increase of social sustainability

ISCC PLUS offers options to extend sustainability certification to food, feed, technical/chemical and other bioenergy applications (e.g. solid biomass).

Advantage of Certification

Our worldwide network of qualified auditors, controls and certifies sustainable biomass for the production of biofuel and bioenergy at each level of the supply chain. Certification of sustainability is vital in order to strengthen your market position. Beginning with farmers and agricultural traders, followed by oil and sugar mills, biodiesel and ethanol plants, and finally traders of biofuels and independent warehouses we cover every stage in the chain of custody.

In the feed, food, biochemical industries the services SGS provides through ISSC Plus certifications offer a new and alternative opportunity for producers, processors, retailers and  brands to demonstrate their commitment to sustainably manage their supply chains.

ISCC certification eases both national and international trade, opening the door to increased market potential.

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