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Input and Farming Audits

SGS’s input and farming audits allow you to stay competitive and maintain customer confidence.

We can help ensure compliance with international food safety and quality requirements, as well as support sustainability – including better, sustainable production – and social and environmental accountability.

By requesting an agricultural farm assessment involving pilot audits and final certifications, you can reap the benefits of our worldwide presence, independence and unrivaled reputation for audit and certification solutions. In addition to supplier assessments and food safety certification, we offer certification schemes relating to fair trade, the environment, quality management, social accountability and sustainability.

We can provide certification on the vast range of inputs to your agricultural operations, plus the on-farm practices that you follow, ensuring that you adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). We do this in accordance with the certification criteria established by the following organizations:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) – The major trade association for the UK retail industry
  • GlobalGAP – An organization that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe, working to GAP
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) – The food industry uses this system at all stages of food production and preparation (including packaging and distribution) to identify potential food safety hazards, and then reduce or eliminate the risks
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) – This organization has worked on a wide range of food projects in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America
  • ISO 22000 – This international standard specifies the requirements for a food safety management system, integrating HACCP principles
  • SQF 1000 – Developed by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute, this HACCP-based supplier assurance code meets the needs of primary producers involved in horticulture, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, coffee and cereal production, fishing and aquaculture
  • Single food audit pack – Our own audit procedure that can help you, in a single audit, to meet most internationally recognized food safety and quality assurance standards
  • Sustainability-related certifications schemes – These include:
    • 2BSvs (Biomass Biofuels Sustainability Voluntary Scheme)
    • International Sustainability Carbon Certification (ISCC)
    • Bonsucro (formerly the Better Sugar Cane Initiative)
    • NTA8080 (Sustainable biomass certification, originally from The Netherlands)
    • RED Bioenergy Sustainability Assurance (RBSA)
    • REDcert – certification by the agricultural and biofuel sector in Germany
    • Roundtable on Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO)
    • Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS)
    • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

We are also actively involved in many other audit and certification schemes that are currently developing.

Contact SGS now to discover how our input and farming audits can inspire market confidence and ensure your compliance with food safety and quality regulations.

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