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SGS hospitality services provide you with a range of auditing, testing and certification services to enhance your regulatory compliance and provide reassurance for your customers and tour operators.

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In hospitality, your reputation is under constant scrutiny. It is essential to create trust and confidence in your services to provide positive customer experiences and encourage repeat business. Maintaining high standards of hygiene, health and safety is crucial to your business success. Your operations need to meet or exceed industry standards and comply with relevant health and safety and environmental regulations.

At SGS we offer a wide range of hospitality services that include auditing and testing all aspects of the hospitality industry’s activities. From hotels, restaurants, catering to food retail, convenience stores, schools and hospitals, we will work with you to help your staff adhere to food safety, quality and environmental standards. We offer auditing services, laboratory testing, certification, and also training to ensure that your staff are fully equipped to maintain the highest standards.

You can benefit from our worldwide expertise in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Our complete range of services ensure you are at the cornerstone of constant improvement, helping to reduce risk, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements and safeguard your reputation. We partner with you to develop a bespoke set of tools to assist in identifying and mitigating risk as well as differentiating and improving efficiencies to continually meet your guests expectations.

Mix and match our range of specialist hospitality services, including:

Hygiene monitored approval scheme: our global, independent, approval scheme for food businesses focused on delivering measurable improvements in food safety operating standards.

Food hygiene training: ensuring that your staff are adequately trained to enforce and maintain high food hygiene standards to protect the public from unsafe food practices.

Laboratory testing services: maintaining high food hygiene standards and managing the risk of food poisoning with regular monitoring of surface, food, air and water samples, tested by our accredited laboratories.

Systems and services certification: certifying your services to help you to drive standards and bolster your service claims, improving the perception of your establishment and organization in the eyes of your guests and customers.

Mystery guest and mystery shopping: monitoring your customer experience to ensure it is positive and professional.

Take control of health and safety and environmental compliance to mitigate risk and protect your business reputation. Call our experts today.

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