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Uncover design defects with HALT (highly accelerated life test) and HASS (highly accelerated stress screen) testing from SGS.

HALT and HASS enable developers and manufacturers to quickly and efficiently identify product weaknesses both pre and post production. Our reliability testing experts can help you devise and deliver HALT and HASS tests. Manufacturers often use these tests in conjunction with one another.


Usually applied during the design process HALT enables you to quickly detect product weaknesses. It allows changes to be made before industrial manufacturing begins. HALT testing can tell you more about the weaknesses of a product in a matter of days than traditional accelerated testing will deliver in weeks.

We subject the product to accelerated aging through thermal and vibration stresses. Our Reliability Labs deliberately exceed your product’s expected environmental conditions. To assist your product development our aim is to trigger failures and find its limits.

The following test stresses are usually applied:

  • Temperature step stress – hot and cold
  • Rapid thermal cycles
  • Vibration step stress
  • Combined environmental stress (vibration, thermal cycles)

In the aviation industry HALT is often mandatory as product failures can have disastrous consequences.


Detect faulty products post production with HASS. Usually carried out on site prior to dispatch HASS more than replaces burn in.

Our reliability testing experts will guide your development of a suitable stress profile for your product(s). The stress levels must be high enough to detect failures of weak samples, but not so high as to delay product delivery.

Contact SGS for more information on how HALT and HASS testing can help you uncover potential problems before going to market.

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