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Grain Size Analysis

Grain or particle size analysis (GSA, PSA) is a practical and straightforward process that provides you with critical data need to make informed decisions.

During this method, your sample is separated into aliquots of different sizes by screening, sieving, cyclosizer, or other proven and reliable techniques.

SGS has a complete range of equipment and technologies to address grain size analysis in specific size ranges from coarse fractions to fine slurries. We deliver results that are accurate, reproducible and compliant with various ASTM, ISO, DIN and BS standard tests.

The data gained through this type of analysis is important for a variety of different applications including:

  • Liberation studies to optimize mill recovery
  • Porosity and permeability studies
  • Geochemical analysis
  • Soil characteristics
  • Stage grinding and stage crushing
  • Grindability assessments and audits
  • Description of sediment units
  • Geotechnical reviews
  • Construction and building applications
  • Cement raw material assessments

SGS offers a number of methods for grain size analysis. Our technical experts recommend the best methodology based on your application, including:

Coarse fractions:

  • Screening (using ASTM screens)
  • Ro-Tap sieve shakers

Fine to ultrafine fractions:

  • Hydrometer
  • Cyclosizer
  • Laser diffraction
  • Methylene iodide

SGS grain size analysis drives the understanding of size and liberation constraints to optimize your recovery and end use goals. Contact us for more information on grain size analysis and other physical testing procedures.

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