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Good Spa Practices

An independent quality standard for your spa facility is assured with the Good Spa Practices scheme from SGS. Call our commercial team today to find out how your spa services can be enhanced.

Professional spa treatments such as massage, facials and body treatments are likely to be water based. Therefore, spa facilities must comply with local regulations and applicable health and safety requirements, limit the risk of incidents and show due diligence should an incident occur.

With our worldwide expertise as the leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we are constantly looking beyond expectations to deliver market-leading services wherever they are needed. You can benefit from our expertise to enhance safety and limit the risk of health incidents and accidents within your spa facility. We assess your current spa practices and provide you with consolidated reports that document due diligence and act as valuable management tools.

Our scheme of good spa practices can enhance your reputation by offering an independent quality endorsement for your spa facilities through regular and independent monitoring. We focus on the following key areas:

Spa practices audit: We provide an unannounced audit to review how well your facility measures up to spa good practices. We examine the state of your infrastructure, water supply and facilities, guest care and safety, quality of service, cleaning and sanitation, use and handling of chemicals and facility management.

Review of procedures and practices and records: We provide a log book to ensure the daily follow-up of operational procedures and verifications needed around cleaning, testing and maintenance. We review your operations and verify your records at each visit.

Sampling and testing: On-site analysis of your pool and spa water by our accredited laboratories. We test for microbiological parameters including legionella.

Scoring system and reporting: Our audit and laboratory analysis has a scoring system. Our report includes details of areas that need improvement to achieve compliance.

Certification and use of the SGS Good Spa Practices™ mark: A certificate of enrolment is issued to indicate adherence to our scheme for facilities carrying out a minimum yearly program of four audits and valid water and swab tests.

We can also provide a range of services on request, including mystery guest, internal benchmarking, additional testing, technical assistance in case of laboratory alert, and a legionella risk assessment.

Contact our commercial team to enrol on our Good Spa Practices scheme and to find out more about how our services to spa facilities can enhance your business.

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