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Demonstrate the interoperability of devices with Global Certification Forum (GCF) device certification from SGS.

GCF certification subjects new GSM devices to a common set of industry agreed tests. Certification not only increases device-network interoperability but also reduces acceptance testing overheads for individual operators.

With a global network of GSM testing laboratories we offer a broad range of services to ensure your products meet the needs of network operators, including:

  • First Touch Test Service
  • GSM Laboratories
  • Testing Capabilities for GSM & GPRS protocol
  • Testing Capabilities for UMTS/UMTS & GSM handover protocol
  • Testing Capabilities for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/AMR protocol
  • Audio
  • Application Enablers Testing (for GSM and 3G devices)

Benefit from reduced time-to-market and avoid expensive and time consuming duplication of testing for your products. Successful completion of the certification process assures network operators that your devices will perform correctly on their network, deliver a seamless roaming service and associate their brand with high quality service delivery.

These device certification benefits can be applied to mobile phones and wireless devices of all types, from simple handsets, PDAs and smartphones to wireless broadband data cards, USB dongles and modules that are embedded in laptop PCs, consumer electronic products and M2M devices.

Find out how SGS’s GCF certification of your GSM devices can benefit your business.


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