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Garments without Guilt

Under the umbrella of the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) clothing and fabric manufacturers in the Sri Lanka apparel industry keen to demonstrate their commitment to ethical working conditions are able to apply for Garments without Guilt certification.

The initiative gives certified companies the right to promote themselves as responsible businesses and reassure international buyers about working conditions in the country. It enables JAAF to demonstrate the social responsibility of their members thereby improving public perception of the industry and reassuring customers.

The Charter includes requirements that factories must be:

  • Free of Child Labor
  • Free of Forced Labor
  • Free of Discrimination
  • Free of Sweatshop Practices
    • Providing limits on working hours within those prescribed by the law
    • Guaranteeing workers the right to Freedom of Association
    • Requiring that workers receive all legally required pay and benefits
    • Ensuring that workplaces are safe, with specific requirement for the management of these issues
  • Responsible Environmental Practices

Certification is achieved through audit by an independent third party company appointed by JAAF, SGS Lanka. To achieve compliance companies need to implement systems to manage the key requirements of the Charter and ensure accurate records are maintained. Applicants must also conduct internal audits and have appointed an In-house Compliance Executive.

On completion we supply your audit to JAAF for their evaluation. Once reviewed your JAAF certificate will be issued, or a notification of corrective actions will be made. Successful completion of corrective actions will enable a re-audit and certification to be issued.

Retailers and buyers keen to ensure ethical apparel sourcing will be reassured by Garments without Guilt certification. Find out how SGS can help you achieve certification, or establish your own collaborative quality assurance program.

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