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FSC – Forest Management Certification – Forest Products

SGS’s training in the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) Forest Management Certification - Forest Products provides you with an overview of the purpose and requirements of the FSC.

Training from SGS
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The course also allows you to understand and interpret the 10 principles and 56 criteria of FSC forest management and their local adaptation, and to interpret the requirements for qualifying as a High Conservation Value Forest.

The course offers insights into the origins, structure, management and purpose of the FSC, as well as its national initiatives. We also analyze and interpret the FSC forest management principles and criteria – and how they can be adapted locally – and review the certification process.

Lead auditors with many years’ experience in performing international audits in this scheme provide the tuition.

Course outline:

  • Introduction and course objectives
  • What is the FSC?
  • Structure of the FSC and other forest certification standards
  • Interpretation of the 10 principles and 56 criteria for FSC forest management
  • Local adaptation of the principles and criteria
  • Case studies
  • The certification process for Forest Stewardship Council

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