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Fertilizer Calculations

SGS provides a complete range of services to meet the needs of your fertilizer-related business.

We help you to establish your competitive advantage by offering you unrivaled, unbiased and trustworthy global support for all aspects of your fertilizer operations. SGS is a global leader in fertilizer analysis and fertilizer testing. Our fully-trained technical staff uses industry-standard fertilizer calculations and conversions to provide you with trusted, accurate and reliable results.

SGS has earned a global reputation for the highest levels of integrity, independence and accuracy. Our core capabilities and industry expertise help you to optimize your operational efficiencies, while our global technical leadership helps minimize operational and financial risk. Whether you need exploration, sampling, trade and inspection or laboratory support, our technical experts are here to help you.

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For your reference, we have provided the following industry standard fertilizer conversions and calculations. We hope that you and your staff find them useful:

Conversion Factors

Nutrients as a % of product:

Nitrogen fertilizers
Calcium ammonium nitrate82,2----
Ammonium nitrate27*
Urea ammonium nitrate30*
Ammonium chloride25----
Ammonium sulfate21--24-
Phosphate fertilizers
Phosphate rock-30,9---
Phosphoric acid-100---
Potash fertilizers-----
Potassium chloride--60--
Potassium sulfate--5018-
Potassium magnesium sulfate--22-3017-2210-11
Complex fertilizers
NPK fertilizers5-255-252-25******
NP fertilizers15-2515-25-***-
NK fertilizers13-25-15-46***-
PK fertilizers-7-3010-30******
Magnesium fertilizers
Epsom salts---12-1315-16

* Average grade - *** some with S and/or Mg and/or micronutrients

Area of Distance
1 hectare (ha) = 2.471 yards
1 meter = 1.0936 yards
1 acre = 4480 sq. yards
1 acre = 0.4047 hectare
1 yard = 0.9144 metre

1 kilogram (kg) = 2.2046 pounds
1 kg/ha = 0.9822 lb/acre
1 metric tonne = 1.1023 short tons (2000 lb)
1 metric tonne = 0.9842 long ton (2240 lb)
1 pound (lb) = 0.4536 kilogram
1 lb/acre = 1.1208 kg/ha

Fertilizer Phosphorous
To change P2O5 (phosphate) to P
multiply P2O5 by 0.4364

To change P to P2O5
multiply P by 2.2914

To change K2O (potash) to K
multiply K2O by 0.8302

To change K to K2O
multiply K by 1.2046

Source: International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).

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