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Environmental Simulation and Analysis

Environmental simulations from SGS ensure your products are fit for today’s global market and can withstand whatever environmental conditions they are subjected to.

Globalization means that your products may be distributed and sold worldwide. As a result they need to be designed to withstand and successfully function in all environmental conditions, from the chill of the arctic to the heat and humidity of equatorial territories.

We can help. Our environmental testing labs help you to evaluate the potential impact of the environment on the way products function. Our experts can carry out environmental simulations for impacts including mechanical, climate, corrosion, mechanical loads and other miscellaneous environmental factors. Testing ensures a product works as expected in both usual and unusual circumstances.

Environmental Simulations

Our labs simulate and test conditions including mechanical, climate, corrosion, mechanical loads and a range of miscellaneous environments.


Our testing covers the full range of mechanical tests for samples from < 1 g to several tons. To ensure your products are robust we carry out vibration (sine, random, multi-sine and sine on random), shock, bump, free fall, drop and bounce tests. Our mechanical tests also include earthquake (including 3-axial), constant acceleration and vibration/shock combined with a set temperature or cycle.


Our environmental testing labs cover the full range of climatic tests for samples from the smallest area to several cubic meters. We test your product for resilience to temperature (cold, heat), humidity (stable, cyclical), condensation, icing and temperature shock.


Salt Mist and Mixed Flowing Gas can be used to simulate specific environments (coastal climate and industrial sites) as well as for testing general resistance to corrosion. We can ensure your products meet your expected standard with tests including salt mist, mixed flowing gas (SO2+NO2+H2S+CI2), single gas (SO2, H2S), a water saturated atmosphere, and water saturated SO2 atmosphere.

Miscellaneous Environments

This category covers all remaining environments including, but not exclusively, water and dust (IP tests), UV/solar radiation, ozone, low pressure and altitude, solderability, and hygroscopic dust.

Mechanical Loads

Products are not only impacted by environmental conditions, but also suffer through everyday use. Mechanical load tests simulate just that. Our environmental testing labs can conduct tests for durability and operation, bending, twisting and shearing, mating cycles, pull tests, and flexibility. In addition we offer abrasion, scratching and rubbing, robustness of terminations, and compression tests, as well as hammer and abuse tests.

Employ our experts to carry out simulations and establish the impact of environmental conditions on consumer electronics.

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