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Environmental Data Management

SGS provides environmental data management services to give you a complete data management solution from the smallest to even the largest and most complex data management tasks. Call us today to find out more.

Technical data, geographical information system imagery and electronic documents are all managed through a single set of web-based tools. We operate and maintain all of the hardware and software necessary for you to successfully acquire, process, store and access your project data from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Members of your project team can share data and collaborate in ways never before possible. Training and technical support are included so that all project team members - not just data managers - will take advantage of this powerful system to save time and increase efficiency.

Using environmental data management services saves you the expense of investing in costly software development and off-the-shelf applications. Because a working system already exists, there is no time spent on design and development. You can start using an enterprise-level database system immediately. You can choose whether to staff the project yourself, with on-site training or remote technical support as you need it, or you can let us take care of the project for you, allowing you to focus on the other parts of your job.

Data services solution

For environmental data management to be successful, data must be collected in such a manner as to ensure legal defensibility and documentation of acquisition. Our system has been architected from the ground up to maintain traceability of every database record back to a known and accountable data generator. We provide internet tools that will allow each user, whether in the field, laboratory, or other organization, to screen their own data.

Safe and secure

Our local and internet systems use password based security and data encryption technologies to ensure that your data is secure and available only to authorized project personnel. This approach has resulted in a low cost, highly tested, industry standard solution.

Fast and affordable

Access to real-time charts and reports supports informed decisions allowing traceability and accountability resulting in legally defensible data. This process allows the project to be shortened between the time the data is generated and put in the hands of the decision makers or the end-users. Internet technologies allow sharing of information immediately. Additionally, projects have saved 40 percent or more on time and material costs due to the near elimination of production labor, consumables, shipping, faxing, emailing and archival costs.

Call our team today for a solution to your data management challenges.

This service is not currently available in this country. However, we have an unrivalled global network. Please contact us to discuss the delivery of this service.


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