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Energy Optimization

Energy efficiency is becoming more important than ever with increasing energy costs and environmental impact.

Wasting energy reduces your profitability and sustainability footprint. SGS can partner with you to provide cost-effective energy optimization solutions. We provide a framework for continuous improvement in efficient and sustainable energy use. From selecting the optimal grinding size at the bench-scale to prior to start-up to performing full plant energy audits of existing plants, our global technical leadership and industrial expertise provides a respected benchmark of experience and value.

SGS has a range of strategies for energy mitigation. We can help you to:

  • Understand mineralogy and geological variability within an orebody to make the right grinding choices. SGS uses High Definition Mineralogy to document variations in hardness of grindability across the deposit. Modeling and simulation of this data allows us to determine the exact size of grinding mills needed for your project, before capital equipment is specified.
  • Make the right grinding choices before start-up or during expansion/upgrades. Using computerized models, SGS simulates your flowsheet using a variety of possible equipment choices. This modeling will highlight the optimal equipment type and size to generate the throughput you need while limiting your energy costs.
  • Simulate and model to make the right equipment choices in feasibility and during expansions. SGS documents your ore’s hardness from the perspective of semi-autogenous milling using the SAG Power Index (SPI®) test. The data from SPI is used to map out the deposit’s grindability, placing the metallurgical data directly on the block model for interpretation and modeling.
  • Optimize your flowsheet and manage power needs. SGS’s computer modeling software, Comminution Economic Evaluation Tool (CEET), uses grindability data assigned to ore blocks and other operational parameters to simulate a virtual mining circuit. CEET provides you with throughput per hour and the grain size needed for operations.  This operational data is captured back on the block model.  When combined with the mine plan, CEET can be used to virtually process the entire deposit and thus demonstrate the energy output required for the mine life of your operation.
  • Use process and systems control to get the most of existing energy intensive equipment. SGS offers advanced process control solutions through the implementation of expert systems to closely control your operations. When throughputs stay within optimized levels, your energy usage remains within a predictable range. Keeping your energy usage in control will limit any potential energy waste and results in increased savings.
  • Perform technical audits and plant optimization. SGS conducts technical audits and plant optimization studies in operating plants. Our technical expertise allows us to review many plant parameters and make recommendations that will reduce or optimize your energy usage, thus increasing your overall profitability.
  • Perform management audits. SGS’s energy audits examine energy production, planning and protection for the duration of the mine life. Audits provide protection against any potential energy market instabilities. SGS’s energy audits provide you with a competitive advantage through the identification of cost savings and allow you to showcase your corporate social responsibility awareness through the efficient management of your electrical and power needs.

SGS provides proven services for controlling energy costs and mitigating energy supply risks. We continually develop and offer new innovative solutions to help you optimize your energy usage. Partner with SGS to increase your operation’s energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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