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EMC Mark

Achieving SGS EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) certification will make the task of applying for the various regional certification marks, or obtaining approval in specific markets, simple and efficient.

Our EMC mark demonstrates to your clients that your products meet the European EMC requirements.

Global markets are becoming increasingly regulated. Implementing an EMC testing and certification program tailored to your business needs will ensure your access to markets at the earliest opportunity.

The SGS EMC mark lays the groundwork for you to achieve certification against regional requirements. Our laboratories offer you access to other EMC-related marks around the world:

  • CE Marking (EU EMC Directive Testing) 
  • CB EMC Certificate 
  • Pan-European CCA EMC 
  • China Compulsory Certification Mark (CCC) 
  • US Federal Communication Committee (FCC) 
  • Canada ICES 
  • Japan VCCI 
  • Australia C-Tick 
  • Taiwan, China BSMI
  • Russia GOST-R mark and Eurasian Economic Community EAC mark
  • Korea MIC

EMC testing is designed to measure the electromagnetic emissions and vulnerability to electromagnetic interference of electrical and electronic products. As a notified and accredited certification body we operate the largest and most effective EMC requirements certification network in the world.

Demonstrate your products’ compliance with the EMC mark from SGS.

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