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Commercial Analysis

SGS laboratories have been performing third-party commercial analysis for decades.

Globally, SGS’s network of laboratories provides trade support services such as witnessing, inspection, quality verification and sampling services at all critical supervision and transfer points during transport of your shipment. We use uniform analytical methods, follow industry-leading quality assurance and quality control practices, and use standardized templates for data reporting. All our employees receive ethical training yearly and we have a Code of Ethics to guide our behavior.

SGS’s independent commercial analysis services include:

  • Sample preparation
  • Load-port / Pre-shipment assays
  • Party, settlement and umpire analysis and assays
  • Moisture, LOI & water
  • Concentrate and bullion determinations
  • Scrap metal analysis

The splitting limits (the accepted spread of analytical results between product seller and buyer) for commercial analysis are determined by negotiation. Because of the commercial value of these cargos, a higher level of accuracy and precision is required in commercial testing. As a result, SGS controls the analytical procedures for these types of samples much more rigorously. In addition, to ensure such accuracy and precision are obtained, the quality control protocols are expanded.

SGS experts will thoroughly discuss all of your requirements with you to ensure the data generated is fit-for-purpose. We have the expertise and experience to provide the highest level of accuracy and precision in our unbiased commercial analysis testing packages. Partner with SGS – we will protect your interests and reduce your risk.

Commercial Analysis in Canada

In Canada, we are present at all major ports and trading hubs on each coast and at internal transportation hubs. We understand your need for high accuracy, timely commercial analysis and delivery. Our Lakefield site provides you with analysis for concentrates, platinum metals and gold. In Vancouver, our laboratory offers you testing for fertilizer and coal.

Whether you are buying or selling, we can support you at either the load port or discharge port. To find out more, contact us today.

  • SGS Canada Inc.

6755 Mississauga Road, Suite 204,

L5N 7Y2,

Mississauga, Ontario, CA-ON, Canada

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