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CCF (CDMA Certification Forum) is an international non-profit partnership between CDMA operators and CDMA device vendors to establish and maintain a core global device certification process. SGS is both a member and an Affiliated Test Facility (ATF).


CCF benefits the digital wireless technology industry through its work to improve quality through consistent network interoperability, product conformance and essential performance testing dictated by international standards bodies across the globe. It offers the core device certification specifications that other existing certification programs can build upon to satisfy market, operator and device specific processes.

Our expertise and first class facilities for wireless testing mean we can help service providers, device manufacturers, test equipment vendors and infrastructure manufacturers benefit from CCF certification’s:

  • Uniform test process for all CDMA devices – to ensure the same quality and performance standards
  • Reduced test duplication and cost – these test results can be used for multiple operators
  • Reduced test time – the streamlined process greatly reduces certification time, shortening time-to-market
  • Fast track through operator testing processes – uncover issues with your devices before they go through operators' processes or hit the market

Designed by Qualcomm in the United States, CDMA is a proprietary standard and is currently the dominant network standard for North America and parts of Asia. The technology of 1xEVDO (Evolution Data Optimized) is about 30% faster (network to mobile) and 400% faster (mobile to network) than its predecessor, 1xRTT.

Trust our wireless experts to complete your CDMA certification, speed your products’ route to market, and save you time and money.

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