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Brick and Block Testing

Brick and block testing from SGS – provides testing of bricks and blocks to help you meet the needs of your project, and comply with mandatory regulations and quality standards.


Whether you are a manufacturer, builder, architect or building consultant, selecting the right bricks and blocks is complex. The materials used, method of manufacture and degree of firing all affect their performance. Our brick and block testing services can help you make the right selection for your project, and meet mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Why use brick and block testing from SGS?

Our testing for bricks and blocks provides you with expert independent testing and advice before and during your construction projects. We can help you:

  • Select the materials that will provide suitable lifetime performance for your project 
  • Gain an awareness of characteristics and limitations 
  • Ensure materials meet mandatory regulations and quality standards
  • Avoid improper applications

World-class Materials Testing for Bricks and Blocks

Our advanced testing laboratories offer you highly specialized technology and experienced staff. Plus, we’ve developed sophisticated software for use in field laboratories, offering you efficient management, recording and issuing of test certificates where you need it most. That’s why we’re the first choice in brick and block testing for construction clients across the globe.

We conduct the following materials testing for bricks and blocks:

  • Compressive strength of bricks 
  • Compressive strength of blocks 
  • Compressive strength of masonry units 
  • Breaking load 
  • Resistance to salt attack
  • Moisture content and dry density 
  • Slip resistance of pedestrian surface materials

Contact us today to find out how our brick and block testing can help you make the right choice for your project.

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