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Bonsucro Certification

Today’s consumers want assurance that the products they buy contain ingredients that come from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers.

Bonsucro Certification provides transparent proof that sugarcane production and the supply chain meet these strict requirements. Independent, third party Bonsucro certification from SGS demonstrate your compliance with the standard's requirements.

Bonsucro Certification developed from Better Sugarcane Initiative Certification, an earlier industry stakeholder group concerned about the social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production. Bonsucro is an association of sugarcane producers and downstream processors whose aim is to ensure a sustainable future for sugarcane production through socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Organizations wishing to produce and sell biofuels that can count towards an EU member’s renewables targets need to be assessed against the sustainability criteria outlined in the European Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC). The Bonsucro standard is approved by the European Commission to meet these sustainability requirements.

During a Bonsucro audit prior to certification, key production indicators including your energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emission are assessed. Regulatory compliance, labor rights, a continued secure local food supply and other human factors affecting the impact of the production on the local population are also assessed.

SGS is a trusted global leader in audit and certification services and holds an accreditation on Bonsucro certification. Our network of auditors are highly qualified in all aspects of sugarcane production and the sugar and bio fuel supply chains, local and international regulations and guidelines. They work with you toward the continuous improvement of your operations and Bonsucro Certification.

Bonsucro is an exciting step forward for the sugarcane and biofuel industries. Your Bonsucro certification will give you an edge over your competition as you meet the changing demands of consumers. Contact SGS to learn more about Bonsucro Certification.

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