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Battery Life Cycle and Endurance

SGS’s electric vehicle (EV) battery endurance testing services and end of life prediction helps you demonstrate the quality of your product to customers and consumers.

Consumers expect a traction battery to work for as long as the car itself, but a battery’s lifespan depends on factors including temperature, Depth of Discharge (DoD), humidity and vibration. Development work with lithium ion batteries is starting to deliver improved life cycles.

Battery lifespan can have substantial financial and contractual consequences for your company. Our automotive services mean it can be tested, approved and certified by us, as an independent third party.

Our electric vehicle (EV) battery test services provide:

  • Accelerated lifetime testing
  • End of life prediction
  • Calendar lifetime testing
  • Life cycle test, combining charging and discharging cycles together with temperature and dewing cycles, for example:

    • High and Low Temperature Operation Endurance Test
    • Powered Thermal Cycle Endurance Test
    • Thermal Humidity Cycles Test
    • High temperature and Humidity Endurance

As required by OEM-specifications, vibration and shock can be applied simultaneously with current cycles and temperature. 

We can also support you with characterization and performance testing for packs with data interfaces like CAN-Bus. Test stands are able to perform the restbus-simulation and monitor the bus-data stream. Agreed actions such as ‘set new current limits’ or ‘change cooling conditions’ can be included in the automated testing process to simulate conditions in the vehicle. 

With a global network of battery safety testing experts and facilities our extensive technical experience means we are the ideal partner to help you to prepare products for market  – wherever you are based.

Contact SGS now to find out how our battery endurance testing and life cycle services can help you meet the lifetime requirements set by consumers and automotive industry.

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