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Battery Electromagnetic Compatibility

SGS’s vehicle battery electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services – ensuring your automotive batteries operate efficiently and effectively.

Today EMC compliance is integral to safety in cars and their battery packs. The increasing use and reliance on electronic systems in vehicles has resulted in more potential sources of electrical interference and placed greater emphasis on EMC compliance and reliability. Electric cars also impact EMC compliance as they connect to the mains power supply by an external cable, introducing EMC phenomena to cars in a completely new way.

To support your product development and delivery we conduct EMC compliance testing against the EU and UN’s mandatory EMC requirements – 2004/104/EG and UN ECE R10. Both during and after the EMC immunity test we will check the characterization and performance of the pack and the battery may be supervised continuously. In addition our industry expertise means we understand that OEMs require even higher immunity levels and further testing to ensure reliability and functional safety of control units.

For testing purposes Battery Packs include Battery Management Systems (BMS) with safety functions.

With a global network of battery safety and EMC compliance testing experts and facilities our extensive technical experience means we are the ideal partner to help you to prepare products for the new electro-mobility EMC requirements – wherever you are based.

Contact your local SGS office to find out how our EMC battery testing services can help you meet industry and market requirements.

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