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Audit Against Customer Specific Criteria

Customized audit services based on the specific needs of your organization protect the integrity of your brands.

SGS performs customized audit services to verify specified criteria within your operations or supply chains. Our highly trained auditors verify your organization’s ability to meet: the quality, i.e. customer requirements; safety; environmental, occupational health and safety; social responsibility; and legal requirements, which may affect your company’s performance and your bottom line.

We are a respected leader in second party audits. Our experts design a fit-for-purpose custom criteria that is tailored to meet your particular needs and our global network of multi-skilled auditors check performance. They work with you to ensure your brand equity and company values.

Our customized audit services fall into two broad categories: Supplier/Vendor/Licensee Assessments verify that your suppliers consistently meet your requirements and contractual agreements; and Audit against your Code of Practice audits ensure that all players within your organization adhere to your organization’s standard.

Each customized audit is unique; however our auditors follow a strict industry best practice framework. The steps in your customized audit will typically include the following:

  1. SGS auditors define the audit program which transforms your needs into a checklist of criteria based on the level of control you wish to have over your own organization and its partners
  2. The audit is conducted off site and/or on site, based on agreed audit requirements
  3. On completion of the audit, your SGS auditor provides an audit report that is also submitted to our technical reviewer to review and approve it prior to sending it to all relevant parties as per contractual requirements
  4. Ongoing monitoring audits will be performed as per the agreement

Our second party audits give you the confidence of knowing that everyone involved in your food operation is working to maintain the integrity of your brands. Our comprehensive audits also analyze your opportunities to foster continuous improvement of your systems, and the performance criteria you need to better meet your customers’ requirements.

Contact us to learn how a second party audit based on your criteria can optimize your manufacturing operation.

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