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Arsenic Stabilization

In most jurisdictions, the disposal of arsenic from mine tailings, smelter dust or other industrial applications is strictly regulated.

SGS offers innovative solutions to arsenic management that will ensure your regulatory compliance and improve your social and environmental footprint. In many instances, arsenic can be processed into a saleable by-product.

SGS hydrometallurgy experts develop arsenic stabilization flowsheets and demonstrate them in pilot plant tests conducted in our fully equipped, state-of-the-art facilities. We provide a range of approaches in which arsenic compounds can be removed, rejected, recycled, detoxified or “fixed”, typically by pressure oxidization. After treatment, the arsenic can be safely returned to tailings or sold.

SGS arsenic recovery and management technologies include:

Recovery of Marketable Compounds

  • Selective removal of arsenic minerals from impure compounds by flotation, re-leach/precipitation, crystallization of pure saleable sodium arsenate or copper arsenate 
  • Volatilization of pure arsenic compounds by roasting or precipitation 


  • Remediation of arsenic-containing materials
  • Investigation of arsenic behavior during processing
  • Selection of hazardous arsenic materials for in-process stabilization or concentration

Fixation through Pressure Oxidization

  • Pressure or atmospheric leach technologies to produce stable crystalline scorodite and/or ferric arsenate precipitates.  Smelter dusts, copper refinery bleed solutions, refractory gold ores and Co-Ni-Zn arsenide ores are possible feeds

Mineralogy and Analysis

  • Arsenic mineral phase speciation, crystallinity, particle size and mineral chemistry
  • Arsenic deportment in solid ores and test products
  • Arsenic mineral associations and intergrowth textures
  • Investigations performed using integrated XRD, QEMSCAN, optical microscopy scanning electronic microscopy and electron microprobe analysis

Rely on SGS’s expertise, equipment and years of experience in metallurgical and mineralogy operations. SGS arsenic management technologies ensure a profitable, sustainable operation and regulatory compliance at your mine, smelter or industrial site.

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