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Environmental Assessment and Management

Environmental assessment and management services from SGS will help you to minimize your environmental impact and enhance your business reputation and operational efficiency.

An environmental assessment identifies potential future hazards and challenges to decrease your adverse impact on your local environment. By examining scenarios and anticipating future challenges, an environmental risk assessment will ensure you have integrated and budgeted for all possibilities for the future of your site. It will also help you to deal immediately with existing problems such as sources of pollution, thereby avoiding expensive remediation at a later stage.

Our Services

Acid Generating Minerals

Air and Odor Dispersion Studies and Modeling

Ambient Air Quality

Analysis of Wastes

Asbestos and Other Natural Mineral Fibers

Asbestos Identification

Asbestos Management

Ballast Water Sampling

Biogenic CO2 Emissions

BS 8555 - Certification - Implementation of Environmental Management Systems

Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)

Contaminated Land Studies

Drinking and Process Water Studies

Dust Fallout Monitoring

Dynamic Penetration Tests

Ecosystems and Biotops Risk Assessment

Ecotoxicology Studies

Electromagnetic Field Monitoring

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Environmental Data Management

Environmental Drilling

Environmental Due Diligence Audits

Environmental Permitting and Compliance Services

EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

EU ETS Verification for the Aviation Sector

Excavated Ground Management

Fugitive Emission Studies

Fugitive Emissions

Geotechnical Parameters

Geotechnical Studies

Groundwater and Hydrogeological Studies

Groundwater Resources Risk Assessment

Groundwater Wells

High Density Sludge (HDS) Process

Human Health Risk Assessment

Hydraulic Conductivity


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Environmental Quality

Industrial and Waste Water Studies

ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001:2015 – Environment Management Systems – Introduction Course

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems – Auditor/Lead Auditor Training

ISO 14046 Standard - Water Footprint Verification

ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification

ISO 14067 - Carbon Footprint

Laboratory Analyses

Laboratory Outsourcing

Landfill Management Studies

Landfill Subsidence Monitoring

Microbiology, Bacteriology and Ecotoxicology Studies

Modified ABA

Monitoring Volatile Air Toxins Through Canister Measurement Services

NAG Static Net Acid Generation Procedure

Noise and Vibrations Studies and Modeling

Noise Monitoring

Odor Measurement and Monitoring

PANDA Type Tests

PAS 2050 - Carbon Footprint

Pavement Engineering

Permeability Tests

Pilot Plant Reviews

Plate Loading Tests

Pumping and Tracing Tests

Repack of Dangerous Waste Products

Rheology and Slurry Flow

Safety Studies

Soil and Sediment Sampling

Soil Gas Monitoring

Specialty Electronics Recycling

Standard ASTM Humidity Cell

Surface Water Studies

Tailings Services

Tanks Inspection

UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (UK CRC)

US EPA 1311 - Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)

US EPA 1312 - Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure

Vibration Monitoring

Voluntary Activities and Other Schemes

Waste Care

Waste Reconditioning

Waste Water Purification Studies

Water Treatment Services

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We offer a range of environmental risk assessment services to look at the risks inherent in your operations and provide evidence that you are committed to minimizing your environmental impact. We can help you ensure compliance with all relevant regulations for your industry for dealing with water contamination and remediation solutions needed.

Contact our experienced team today for a bespoke assessment and environmental management plan.

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