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When constructing a power distribution network, effective all-round construction oversight is of paramount importance.

SGS provides support and know-how to monitor the construction of power distribution network projects. We offer a comprehensive package of project management services to support you at the construction phase, covering the following areas:

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  • Environmental impact
  • Quality control
  • Suppliers
  • Timeline
  • Health and safety
  • Technical features
  • Costings

In addition to providing construction management reports, updates and advice, we will also manage the set-up of real-time monitoring systems, giving you a direct handle on the project at all times. We will provide you with a clear view of a project's progress and requirements, enabling you to take actions based on concrete facts and findings to ensure that the project meets the agreed specification.

At SGS, we draw from our vast pool of expertise and industry knowledge to ensure that your project is assessed from as wide a position as possible and afforded expert support throughout.