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Automotive Functional Safety Training

Automotive functional safety training from SGS – practical learning examples demonstrate the application of ISO 26262.

Reduce risk at the same time as improving quality and safety. We currently offer eight functional safety training modules, each of which can be booked separately, for the automotive sector.

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Automotive industry personnel new to functional safety should attend module K1 first. This will provide attendees with a better understanding of how the standards relate to each other and with the grounding to attend other training modules.

In modules K3 to K6 our training is based on examples from the field, enabling trainees to learn using realistic scenarios. After each training session the details of each scenario will be available, as a download, to all attendees.

In addition, we offer the functional safety expert program. With our assistance as an accredited service provider, you can qualify as an Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP) or and Automotive Functional Safety Expert (AFSE).

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