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Analytical Services

Analytical services from SGS – a comprehensive range of analytical services using our network of state-of-the art laboratories.

We offer you unrivaled experience and expertise, the latest technologies, state-of-the art laboratories, experienced staff, and a unique global network. As a result, we can provide you with customized and innovative analysis to ensure quality safety and compliance – anywhere in the world.

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Our services

Amino Acids

Analysis Labeling

Animal Hair and Fibers Identification

Asbestos Identification

ASTM and US EPA Tests

Auditor Support Services

Brick and Block Testing

Carbon Analysis, Forms of

Cashmere Electron Microscope Test

Cashmere Optical Microscope Test

Certification of Roofing and Insulation Materials

Chemical Testing

Chemical Treatment and Residue Detection

Clay Identification and Analysis

Coating Inspection and Failure Analysis

Commercial Analysis

Concrete and Aggregate Testing


Corrosion Under Insulation Services

Customized PT

DDG Testing

Electron Microprobe and SEM

Fertilizer Calculations

GMO Testing

Grain Size Analysis

Greasy Wool Testing

Hay and Forage Sampling and Testing

HVI Cotton Testing

Jute Grading and Testing

Major Elements

Materials and Welding Engineering Services

Mechanical Testing

Metal Testing

Metal Testing of Incinerator Bottom Ash

Metallurgical Materials Testing Laboratory

Microbial Analysis

Mill and Plant Sample Analysis

Minerals Detection

Mobile Laboratories

Moisture, LOI and Water

Multi-element ICP Packages


Nutritional Labeling

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM)

Oilseed Fatty Acid Profile

Onsite Laboratories

Paper Testing

Pesticide Residue

Polymer Testing

Process Mineralogy

Proximate Analysis

Recovered Paper and Paperpack

Reference Material Services

Rock Testing

Sample Drying

Sample Pulverizing

Sample Reduction


Scoured Wool Testing

Silica Determination

Single Parameters

Soil Fertility Testing

Specific Gravity and Bulk Density

Sulfur Analysis, Forms of

Surface Coating Testing

Tests on Ammonia

Tests on Ammonium Nitrate

Tests on Ammonium Sulfate

Tests on Feed Grade Phosphate and Urea

Tests on Liquid Fertilizer

Tests on Phosphate Fertilizer

Tests on Phosphate Rock

Tests on Potash

Tests on Sodium Sulfate

Tests on UAN Solution

Tests on Urea

Welder Performance Testing

Welding Engineering

Welding Procedures

Wood Chips, Wood Pellets, Solid Biomass Verification and Testing

Wool Grower Services

Wool Tops and Sliver Testing

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