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Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)

SGS acid rock drainage (ARD) services can help you to minimize environmental liabilities by predicting the outflow of acidic water from mining and other geotechnical operations.

Our ARD services analyze the acid-producing potential of ores on your site, predicting the problem and preventing long-term environmental liabilities. A complete ARD testing service provides you with preventative strategies and practical solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operation. We can also facilitate the implementation of cost-effective waste management practices.

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We have an unsurpassed reputation for delivering quality solutions to environmental challenges, providing technical support and also offering guidance on regulatory and compliance issues. Call our team today for your ARD plan of action.

Performed in accordance with recognized global standards, using state-of-the-art instrumentation, our ARD services include:

  • Site investigation before, during, or after operations to ensure the scope of your ARD situation is completely understood
  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis of effluent for the prediction and characterization of ARD
  • Extensive analysis, including the standard static and kinetic ARD tests
  • Complete design and pilot scale testing of ARD treatment processes
  • Construction management, commissioning, and start-up of water treatment solutions

Whether you are in the early characterization and prevention stage or a more advanced remediation phase, we are your independent technical partner. Call us today so we can work together to ensure your ARD problems are dealt with in an effective and environmentally responsible manner.

Acid Rock Drainage in Canada

Our facilities in Canada provide technical excellence in the field of Acid Rock Drainage. We are at the forefront of testing and method development for this technology. Our facilities at two sites (Vancouver and Lakefield) offer static and kinetic ARD testwork. We also provide mineralogical assessments that help resolve problem minerals, deportments and textures.

We offer you controls and constraints, maintaining a consistent, high quality, analytical environment. With a focus on environmental testing, our response and methods for ARD have adopted global standards. Contact us to find out more.

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