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V-Label for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Products

Quality InsightsJanuary 19, 2023

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency to easily identify vegan and vegetarian products. V-Label offers consumers clarity and reliability thanks to standardized and best-in-class verification criteria in the labeling process.

Why V-Label?

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency to easily identify vegan and vegetarian products.

V-Label offers consumers clarity and reliability thanks to standardized and best-in-class verification criteria in the labeling process.

  • International – registered across five continents, including all of Europe, the US, China and South Korea
  • Uniformity – standard verification criteria for product ingredients and manufacturing processes
  • Credibility – reliable specifications established by major vegetarian and vegan associations
  • Global recognition, local service – through local SGS offices worldwide and a network of V-Label representatives

What this means for consumers and companies

V-Label enhances the shopping experience and helps consumers make easier product choices, while companies gain a competitive advantage and can better promote their plant-based products.

The target audience and market are growing fast

The target group for vegan and vegetarian products and services is ever-expanding and diverse. Whether for environmental, health, religious or ethical reasons, more and more consumers are choosing vegan or vegetarian lifestyles.

Simultaneously, the vegan and vegetarian products market has enjoyed record sales over many years. An increasing number of companies recognize the benefits of enriching the market with natural and plant-based products. This means better quality and diversity of vegan and vegetarian products.

A rise in labeling

Consumer calls for greater transparency regarding vegan and vegetarian products are having an effect. More and more vegan and vegetarian products and services are being declared than ever before.

V-Label is the world leader in vegan and vegetarian labeling. Globally, more than 50,000 products from over 4,300 license holders carry the V-Label.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include:

  • Global recognition – according to a recent V-Label survey, 92% of surveyed consumers worldwide would buy a product once they notice it carries the V-Label
  • Confidence – credibility thanks to reliable inspections
  • Clarity – standardized criteria for vegan and vegetarian products
  • Guidance – easy identification at a glance

How does V-Label concern cosmetics, personal care and household products?

Consumer perception is shifting towards vegan certification, driven by a global trend towards natural and greener beauty and personal care products.

With years of experience as a V-Label food certification body, we have partnered with V-Label to offer auditing and certification for the cosmetics, personal care and household industry. This unique partnership offers best-in-class service to help our clients better address the vegan market.

Areas of the industry

  • Cosmetic products
  • Skin, body, hair, sun and baby care products
  • Fragrance and perfume products
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Home cleaning products
  • Air fresheners

What we examine

  • The origin of raw ingredients and additives
  • Ingredients, additives and ancillaries used at each stage of the production cycle
  • Steps to avoid cross-contamination throughout production
  • The status of animal testing
  • The presence of GMOs that need to be declared

Six steps to certification?

Step 1

Contact your nearest SGS office and complete our standard V-Label client questionnaire. Once completed, we will put you in direct contact with the appropriate V-Label license body.

Step 2

Complete your V-Label license application and provide the necessary information for your license offer. V-Label will calculate your annual license fee.

Step 3

Sign your license agreement with V-Label and provide the required product information. V-Label will issue a product certificate that allows you to use the label for respective products.

Step 4

Book your on-site audit with SGS and prepare your facility for it.

Step 5

Following a successful audit, you will receive your certificate of compliance against the V-Label requirements to support your license.

Step 6

Maintain your V-Label certification by planning for your audit(s) and conducting any necessary product testing.

The order of the steps may differ depending on the country. Contact your local SGS office for more advice. 

Extensive experience in cosmetics and hygiene

The cosmetics and hygiene industry is highly competitive. We can help you to build consumer trust and prove that your products are safe and effective, to make you stand out from the crowd.

Additional solutions

  • Analytical testing
  • With over 130 years of experience, we offer the broadest range of product testing across the world. Our global network of testing facilities, staffed by experienced personnel, can smooth your product’s route to market.
  • Microbiology testing
  • Physical and chemical testing
  • Stability testing
  • Toxicology testing

Audit and certification

In today’s global business environment, you must produce/manufacture the highest quality products to compete while ensuring they comply with international and national standards, market regulations and bespoke customer requirements.

Our audit services can cover your entire value chain, from process to organization, service and systems.

Our specialist audit teams have global experience in every industry and sector, and bring best practices into play to ensure that your processes and operations exceed the required market regulations and standards. Our advanced testing facilities are among the world’s best.

Consultancy and regulatory

Meeting safety and quality regulations, which differ across regions, can create technical demands, drain resources or require skills that companies often lack.

  • Product labeling and ingredient review
  • Product safety assessment

We can devise a program of consultancy and technical assistance program for all major markets based on your needs. We will consider standards and regulations relevant to your products in your destination markets.

Safety and efficacy

In a competitive sector, we can help you to verify your product’s performance and ensure that efficacy claims are backed by evidence.

  • Clinical
  • Consumer panel and home-use study
  • Packaging performance

We offer two methods of claim verification:

  • Laboratory testing to support product claims with scientific evidence
  • Consumer panels to support product claims and help identify consumer behaviors, purchasing intentions, etc.

For both, we can also compare your products to those of your competitors.

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