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2021 Focus On Danube

Agri Trade HighlightsGrainsSeptember 02, 2021

Our Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian teams’ continued investment in innovative technology will help your organization move from strength to strength.

2021 Focus on Danube

We've passed the midway point of the 2021 harvesting season in the Danube Region. As this year's results begin to emerge, global agri market players are keeping a close watch – eager to identify the new opportunities that will arise from the new production.

Our local teams, working together in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Serbia, comprise more than 400 experts operating in the field, at ports, in offices and laboratories. With decades of experience and unparalleled technical know-how, they can be trusted to fulfill all your testing, inspection, risk management, fumigation and market intelligence requirements.

Our expert teams in the Danube region have consistently been improving their operations over the past year – and this is set to continue in the future. SGS in Bulgaria has significantly expanded its scope of accreditations, in Hungary our team has developed its own technology to add value by improving reporting, our experts in Romania are currently working on extending their testing capabilities and our Serbian team has implemented a robust inspection system for grain crops.

Working with our experts, you will gain access to local expertise that operates with an international outlook. Our regional network of experts will be your trusted partner on the ground, ensuring the quality, quantity and safety of your agricultural commodities throughout your supply chain.

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