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Building Materials Solutions

Do your building materials meet the required sustainability and durability specifications?

Sustainability is now a fundamental aspect of the building industry. Choosing ‘green’ materials, optimizing production and construction processes, recycling and lowering energy consumption are just a few of the issues you need to consider. Whether defining your personal or company values, developing your marketing strategy or meeting customer demands, the challenges you face are becoming more demanding and complex.

An important aspect of sustainable building is durability. Servicing or repairing a construction during its lifespan is often very costly or sometimes even impossible. So how do you assure that the building materials and products used in your constructions will provide the sustainability and durability required?

Sustainable building begins at the material level, using the expertise of SGS

SGS offers you multidisciplinary knowledge on performance criteria related to sustainable and durable building materials and processes.

We are able to predict life span, assess environmental impact, test performance of building materials and verify products and processes against regulations and quality.

We can help you:

  • Make informed decisions on the selection of building materials and waste solutions
  • Meet relevant national and international regulations
  • Determine the remaining service life of your construction
  • Perform life cycle analyses
  • Meet Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and rules on CE-marking
  • Develop ‘green’ buildings
  • Meet Milieu Relevante Product Informatie (MRPI) – which stands for 'Environmental Relevant Product Information'
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Assess waste materials
  • Test leaching behavior
  • Perform environmental profiling
  • Prevent and limit risks related to structural failure
  • Predict material performance by technical inspections and finite element calculations

If you would like to ensure that your building materials meet the required sustainability and durability specifications, contact us today.