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Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Farm Standards Certification

Showcase environmental and social responsibility with ASC Farm Standards Certification from SGS.

In today's conscientious market, demonstrating environmental sustainability and social responsibility in aquaculture is not just good practice, but a necessity. Our ASC Farm Standard Certification service enables your seafood farm to demonstrate its commitment to responsible practices. This certification confirms your dedication to environmental care and social responsibility and opens doors to major global seafood markets.

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Why choose ASC Farm Standards Certification?

ASC Farm certification enables you to:

  • Demonstrate adherence to the highest environmental and social standards
  • Gain access to significant global retail markets demanding ASC certification
  • Enhance your brand's reputation for sustainability and responsible practices

Scope of certification

Why SGS?

We are the global leader in inspection, testing, certification, and technical support, boasting the largest independent network of auditors worldwide. Our expertise in environmental and social responsibility audits is unmatched, offering you comprehensive support for ASC Certification. Our global presence ensures a harmonized approach, providing consistency and reliability in certification processes.

Elevate your aquaculture practices with ASC Farm Standards Certification from SGS. Contact us today to begin your journey towards sustainability and market access.

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