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Vigor & Stress Evaluations

Understand how your seed product performs in suboptimal growing conditions.

Understand how seed products perform in suboptimal growing conditions with testing to evaluate a seed amendment’s ability to function in adverse conditions without impacting seed vigor.

Seed amendments can negatively affect vigor in seed, especially over time in storage. When this happens, quality and yield can be diminished.

We offer a comprehensive range of trial solutions to assess changes in seed vigor over time and at different points in a seed's life cycle. Testing methods include cold and saturated cold vigor tests, to assess how a seed germinates in cold conditions, and accelerated aging or controlled deterioration, where the seed is placed in a high temperature humidity chamber prior to germination, to simulate the aging process in seed and increasing seed moisture. Both methods are utilized to determine the vigor capacity of a seedling when growing in adverse conditions.

We offer additional fast and precise specialized testing capabilities to further assist in making decisions about quality in seed, including chlorophyll content, electrical conductivity and green seed content (in canola).

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. With a global network of state-of-the-art testing facilities, we offer unrivaled agricultural experience and expertise, helping you to deliver effective and compliant seed amendments to markets all over the world.

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