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Shelf-Life Studies

Maximize the quality and longevity of food products with expert shelf-life studies.

Shelf-life is defined as the period of time during which a food product will remain stable and retain its desired sensory, chemical, physical, microbiological, nutritional and functional characteristics during storage under recommended conditions.

Shelf-life studies assess the response of a food product to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. This data helps manufacturers ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while minimizing waste and maximizing consumer satisfaction.

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We offer rigorous shelf-life studies for a wide range of food products, including perishable goods, packaged foods and beverages. Utilizing industry-standard methodologies, advanced testing equipment and controlled environments, we can replicate real-life storage conditions while monitoring and analyzing any physical, chemical and/or microbiological changes that may occur.

Expert-led solutions include sensory evaluation, nutritional analysis, microbial testing and packaging integrity assessment. Our team will also identify potential degradation factors, such as oxidation, microbial growth and flavor loss, and help you develop targeted strategies that allow improvements in product formulations, packaging materials and storage conditions.

SGS Food Sensory Panel Lab Hamburg Germany
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We provide both accelerated and real-time shelf-life studies through our global network of state-of-the-art testing facilities. All solutions can be customized to your individual requirements, covering a variety of scenarios, including temperature fluctuations, humidity changes and exposure to light.

Why choose SGS shelf-life study solutions?
We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in food testing. Wherever you operate in the world, our network is ready to support you with services that deliver valuable and trusted insights into product stability, freshness and overall quality, allowing you to make better decisions regarding end-product quality.

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