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Plantability & Flowability Assessments

Know what to expect from your products and deliver greater efficiencies when planting seeds.

Identify inconsistencies in the production and planting of treated seeds by measuring the movement of seeds through machinery and the accuracy of planting.

Seed amendments can greatly alter the progress of a seed through handling equipment and into the ground. Understanding how well your seed product moves through processing allows greater consistency when planting.

We offer comprehensive seed flowability and plantability testing solutions that assess how seed lots progress through a variety of machinery, determining inaccuracies in planting, such as failures and double seed drops. With these insights you can improve the efficiency of your operation.

Our seed testing specialists have a thorough understanding of local and international regulations. Utilizing our global network of state-of-the-art facilities, we offer tailored solutions that provide valuable data on seed plantability and flowability, enabling you to improve planting outcomes.

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