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Nutritional Values

The nutritional labeling services of SGS help your food products to meet the appropriate legal requirements and industry-agreed quality standards.

Accurately labeled nutritional packaging has to include measurements for calories, fat and vitamin levels, protein and carbohydrates. And the labeling must be consistent, right across your product range.

Our nutritional labeling services combine the accuracy of our testing regime with the efficiency of our cataloging processes, ensuring both precision and reliability. This means you can be highly confident about promoting the quality of your pet food, livestock feed, forages, grains and other food products.

Top Technicians, Advanced Technologies

Using their years of experience and extensive training in chemistry, microbiology and agronomy, our skilled scientists apply the latest testing methods to your food products. Furthermore, our high-tech labeling laboratories operate under strict guidelines and are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9001:2008.

Ensure your packaged animal feed and other food products meet the appropriate quality standards by using our nutritional labeling services. Contact SGS to find out more.

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