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Molecular Breeding

Analyzing crop plant genomes through molecular methods and markers for improvement, characterization and trait tracking.

Molecular methods, including DNA marker analyses, are now an indispensable tool for accelerating plant breeding and research projects. Such methods allow the characterization of individual plants for their genetic composition at an early stage and at levels that have previously not been possible. Genotyping arrays are also routinely used for tracking interesting and novel traits and for Genomic Selection.

We have established all relevant technologies, including DNA sequencing/genotyping using NGS, tailored array analyses, and individual marker analysis (TaqMan, KASP). Our optimized genotyping arrays are the industry benchmark, enabling variety identification and the characterization of individuals in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. We cover all major crop plants, including corn, wheat, barley, canola, sunflower and many other plants (including vegetables, fruits and ornamentals).

Our team’s experience is demonstrated through a wealth of peer-reviewed scientific publications. We employ the latest molecular marker analysis technologies and are experienced in the large-scale development of molecular markers for specific traits and genes. On a genome-wide level, we use NGS technologies such as whole genome sequencing, sequence capture and amplicon sequencing in combination with bioinformatic analyses.

Wherever you operate in the world, we are ready to help you accelerate your small, medium or large genotyping experiments for plant breeding and research.

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